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New Cat Owner Guide: nine Steps for Taking Care of Your Kitten

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! conveyance home a kitten will be exciting — and intimidating. whether or not you’re a novice cat owner (welcome to the club) or a veteran pet parent, it’s forever smart to travel over the fundamentals once you begin with a brand new bundle of fluff. If you get your kitten’s health care, coaching and socialization right once she’s young, she’ll be healthy and well behaved as she grows into adulthood.

Here square measure 9 elementary steps for taking care of your new kitten.

1. Verify Your Kitten’s Age

Your kitten’s age is over simply variety — in reality, it’s a vital a part of her health care. For the primary eight weeks of their lives, kittens have terribly specific organic process wants. several breeders and shelters like that kittens not be discharged till they’re a minimum of ten to twelve weeks. If you discover yourself with a kitten underneath eight weeks recent, you’ll got to consult your vet for special directions.

2. notice a decent Vet

If you don’t have already got a medico, raise friends or your cat’s stock raiser or shelter for a referral. Our notice tool is additionally a superb thanks to notice an area medico. simply sort in your postcode and let Vetstreet assist you notice a vet close to you.

3. Get the foremost Out of Your initial Vet Visit

At your initial visit, the medico can check for common health problems, as well as birth defects, parasites and feline cancer of the blood. however this initial appointment is additionally an ideal time to raise all of your pressing kitten queries. To start, here square measure some queries you must raise your vet:

What quite food ought to my kitten eat? what quantity and the way typically ought to she eat?
however do I management parasites like fleas and ticks?
What square measure common signs of illness?
once is it safe to introduce my cat to alternative animals? however ought to I do it?
once ought to I schedule my next vet appointment?
once ought to my kitten be castrated or neutered?
ought to my cat be indoor or outdoor?

4. buy Quality Food

Feeding your kitten isn’t as easy as grabbing a bag of kibble from the grocery. Growing kittens want a lot of calories and nutrients than adult cats. the best thanks to guarantee she’s properly fed is to shop for a name-brand food developed for kittens. ensure the food is labeled as complete and balanced for the life stage of your cat by the Association of Animal Feed management officers (AAFCO).

5. created a Feeding Schedule

To make positive you recognize precisely what quantity to feed your kitten, raise your medico what the acceptable portion size is and the way typically you must feed her. For kittens three to six months recent, most vets suggest 3 feedings each day. Once she’s reached vi months, you’ll be able to scale right down to two occasions each day.

Also, ensure she has many H2O, and don’t even have confidence giving your kitten any milk — despite a name for caressive milk, cats don’t have the enzymes to digest it properly, thus your kitten might find yourself with diarrhoea.

6. Be Sociable

Once your vet offers you the parasite and illness all-clear and your pet has had her correct vaccinations, it’s safe to let your kitten build new animal and human friends and explore her new digs. Plus, if you haven’t already, it’s time to play along with her thus you’ll be able to begin forming “the bond.” If you have got youngsters, though, monitor their interactions closely. The claws would possibly initiate if your kitty’s tail is force.

7. Prepare a space

Before you bring your kitten home, created a space that may build her feel snug and safe, particularly if you have got alternative pets WHO are going to be interested by their new feline relation, or youngsters WHO want watching once interacting with the kitten. place her litterbox, food and water dishes and cozy bedding in her special area.

8. Gear Up

whereas cats vary from being terribly low-keyed to terribly poor, all of them want sure things to stay them happy.

Here square measure ten kitten must-haves:

Quality food, specifically developed for kittens
Collar, ID tags and semiconductor
Food bowls, ideally metal or ceramic
Litterbox and cat litter
a cushty, heat cat bed
Cat carrier
Scratching post
Kitten-safe toys, no little items that your kitten will swallow
Cat brush
Cat toothbrush and dentifrice (get her started at a young age)

9. stay up for Early Signs of sickness

Unfortunately, young kittens square measure vulnerable to a bunch of diseases. If you notice your kitten has no craving, doesn’t gain weight, is forcing out or has diarrhoea, or is foggy and instinctive reflex, contact your medico straight off.

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