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How to De-Mat a Cat

white and gray kitten on white textile

De-matting may be a method wherever you either cut, shave, or comb through mats in your feline’s fur. Mats square measure typically comprised of clumped dead hairs, dead skin cells, outside residues, and the other quite dirt your cat has rubbed against. Mats in cat fur don’t seem to be solely ugly, however they’re conjointly painful to your cat. they will result in skin irritation and infection if they are not removed.

De-matting a cat is often not a fun expertise for the feline or the human. it is vital to require things slowly and wait and see since mats square measure typically troublesome to get rid of in one sitting. you will need to enlist the assistance of Associate in Nursing assistant as a result of even if this system is that the best and least painful thanks to get eliminate mats, it takes a great deal of diligence.

Before you start

Most cats groom nearly perpetually (or therefore it seems), and it is not simply thanks to vainness. Fur licking keeps a cat’s skin healthy and stimulates oleaginous glands in their skin to supply oil to lubricate the fur.

Usually, grooming keeps the fur clean and prevents fleas from grasping. however typically, if one thing becomes stuck in its fur or a cat neglects its grooming, mats could kind. These clumps of fur may be painful for the cat. sure breeds of cats (Persians, ME Coons, and different hairy breeds) square measure additional seemingly to develop mats.

If your cat has stopped grooming altogether, this might be an indication of a heavy health issue, and a visit to the Dr. is so as.1 however if there square measure one or 2 spots of stubborn matted fur, you must be ready to watch out of them reception.

Removing mats from cats takes a gentle hand, a great deal of patience and typically quite one person, to stay the cat calm

What you would like

Start with a relaxed cat. you will not need to suddenly attempt to take away a mat within the middle of a play session, or you will suffer serious injury from claws. Gather many tools before you start:

Blunt-end scissors
fine-tooth comb
Spray bottle/conditioner
Cat treats
Prepare the Matted space

Sprinkle a touch amylum or bath powder within the space of the mat, and gently work it around together with your fingers. Gently pull the matte far from the skin, therefore you’ll be able to see wherever the skin is.

If the cat resists, take a chance and speak in a very soothing voice, necking the cat till it relaxes. Repeat this soothing at any purpose throughout the procedure if your cat starts obtaining stressed.

Cut the Mat

Using sharp blunt-nosed scissors, rigorously slide the scissors on the skin into the mat, holding them perpendicular to the skin; all-time low blade ought to slide on the skin. Cut up, into the mat. create a clean cut and check out to not pull the hair whereas cutting.

Give your kitty alittle treat and praise it for its patience.

Move the scissors over [*fr1] an in. close to and cut once more. Once you’re ready to, you must begin operating the separated mats apart together with your fingers, and loose items can simply shy away.

Comb the Mat

Starting with a separated section of the mat, use your non-dominant hand to carry the bottom of the mat down with thumb and index, that the comb will not pull hair out.

Using a fine-tooth ectozoon comb, gently begin hairdressing through the mat piece, beginning at the terribly tip of the hairs. Move down into the mat as you’re employed, sometimes mistreatment solely the primary 3 or four pegs of the comb, for stubborn sections.

Preventing issues together with your Cat whereas De-Matting

Give your cat a final treat and stop for the day. betting on the severity of the mats, it may take many days to tackle all of them, and you would like your cat’s cooperation and patience, therefore do not push it all quickly.

With hairy cats, alittle slicker brush is also used next to slowly and gently brush through any remaining tangles.

Seriously matted cats need veterinary attention. Affected cats square measure gently insensible and their hair coats square measure whiskerless to get rid of all affected mats. If this forceful step is important, take care to take care of an everyday program of brushing and brushing once the coat grows back, to forestall future issues.

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